Do you have friends or relatives who are visiting New Zealand from overseas? Or business partners or clients coming over for a certain period of time but don't have the time to show them the beautiful sights of New Zealand?

As much as you want to personally do it yourself, there would be times when you can't. Perhaps you can't take days off from work or you are snowed under with commitments. Maybe preparing itineraries overwhelms you or tour guiding is not your strong suit. Or you simply want to relax.

Now, you can! Proxee Tours NZ will do it for you!  PROXEE can represent you when you can't be there.

Based in Auckland, we offer City Tours, Day Trips and Multi-Day Tours all over New Zealand. These are all private  trips that are especially customised and personalised according to you and/or your visitors’ need, time, pace, taste and preference. We are flexible and we focus on your travel plans that will tick all your boxes. You and/or your guests can have our full & undivided attention and you can explore this impressive country with a local who will treat you as friends and ensure that you will not only see but you will experience an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime!



We know where to go better than anyone. We can take you to hidden spots and secret locations. We can take you to places off the beaten path that you may not find on your own.

We are 100% Kiwi-owned and operated which means you will be dealing with someone in New Zealand. We are here to take care of your needs throughout the planning, booking, and travelling process to ensure your holiday is straight out pleasurable and your experience is incomparable.


You have your dedicated personal tour guide & driver all through-out your journey who is available 24/7 for support and assistance.

You select the dates, the length and pace of your journey, shorten or lengthen tours to suit your schedule and budget. We customise your tour exactly the way you want it.

Your professional and personal guide can be your friend and your travel companion, respecting your privacy, preferences, and wishes. Everything you see and do will be at your own pace and leisure.


Sole use of vehicle to wherever you’d like to go! This means no crowded buses, no waiting for other people – just move on to your next sightseeing destination when you’re ready.

The tour is run exclusively for you. You get to decide who joins you in your New Zealand adventure which can be your family or friends. You don’t have to worry about vacationing with strangers if that is not your cup of tea.


Limited time? No problem! See more of New Zealand with things already organised for you. You won't waste valuable travel time searching for things to do, getting lost, or figuring out public transport.

You don't have to lift a finger, everything is taken cared of — meet and greet service upon arrival at the airport, transport between cities, booking of activities and/or accommodation, and drop off at the airport. You just have to show up.


PROXEE TOURS NZ is operated by a travel enthusiast and globetrotter, Beah Ulama. An itinerant by nature, Beah has been living in New Zealand for nearly 15 years and has already reached every corner of this spectacular country, thus she is a naturalized local. She is originally from Manila, Philippines whose itchy feet brought her to “Middle Earth”.

Having explored the world in her own terms, Beah has enjoyed tailoring her itineraries without the pressure that a traveller may experience from a traditionally and strictly structured travel plans plotted by others. She has also witnessed overtime how some locals can be so busy to show around their visitors from overseas, whether friends or family or business partners. Hence, PROXEE was conceived.

With Proxee Tours NZ, Beah wants to share her passion for travel and adventure and introduce you to beautiful NZ offering you a hassle-free tour. She caters to individual needs and wants so you can design with her your own idea of perfect get away! With Proxee Tours NZ, you will definitely create an ultimate experience of a lifetime!

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